Let the Blogging Begin

It's nearly official.

I'm ditching the craptacular Booger.com for the week and I'm trying my snazzy new WordPress layout.


The look and feel will probably change over the next couple of days as I experiment with the templates and hopefully find one that suits that certain je ne sais quoi that is the Wayne Ordinary Experience. (The same inconsistent content quality will, sadly, remain inconsistent–but hey! It's free so we all win!)

So let's try jamming in a couple of pics for kicks, shall we?



This is a picture a friend of mine sent me a couple of months (OK

Jett at LTA sent it to me-I have no other friends 😦 ) If you step away from the picture you will be AMAZED because the faces seem to MAGICALLY change places! It's like an optical illusion or something (god knows why I kept this saved on my desktop…)Ok! Test number one complete! I can sucessfully post and center stolen web images. Now to layout one or perhaps a series of my own. (Gee, this is exciting! And no, I don't know if I'm being sarcastic or not either.)


Well! This is interesting. I can post a series of identical photoshopped thumbnails with little or no hassle and all in a STRAIGHT ROW (UPDATE: Yeah, that didn't work so hot…don't know what happened there). That's more than I'm used to. I wonder how this will affect download times? I'll have to test it at work tomorrow (crappy download speeds. 2MB shared between 30 people…can you believe that?)

OK OK, I've tried hyperlinks, centering photos, crossed out text, posting thumbnails (could come in handy for the next series of holiday pics), centering type, italics, bold…yep, everything that blogggggger does. I'm pretty satisfied.

So now I just have to go back to my old site and try to post something, get pissed off again, and move over here permanently.

Wish me luck.


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