I’ll Never Understand Women

This is a transcript of a real, unedited conversation between my wife and I this morning:

ME: I'm cold.

HER: Maybe if you got the Hoover out, you'd warm up.

What does this mean?



  1. Maybe, she thinks you’re a sucker.How do you work those things anyway? Between them and washing machines, you’d need to go to a specialised course to work out what to do 😉

  2. It means your wife is lazy, and you should not hesitate to tell her so.

  3. I’ll try the direct approach. “Honey, I’m American. What’s the ‘Hoover’?” That should work.

  4. Hey… a hoover means something good in some cases. You might like that.

  5. Why don’t jewelers repair womens watches?
    Because they’re putting clocks on stoves today.

  6. I think I agree with all of you…

  7. Umm, okay, I guess your wife is assuming that exercise will make you hot and sweaty;however, it doesn’t take that long to vacuum. I ,myself, am a lazy winter woman, so my warm-up advice would be to drink something hot, whether it be apple cider, coffee tea,hot chocolate, etc. ..And thanks for the link. Actually, S. commented on one of my 360 friends’ websites, and today I’m going back over my blogs and blog commentary…And if one of my friends has commented on my blog, I go to their most recent blog(or first blog with commentary),read the comments, then randomly click on some of the people who have replied to their message. It’s a way of spreading the word around(yes, typical female speak, I know). You see, they comment on my blog, if I have something to say, I’ll comment on their blog. If there’s already alot of responses, I’ll click on someone who commented on my friend’s blog, and read that person’s very first blog(fortunately or unfortunately for you, whichever way you choose to view it), I clicked on S.’s icon, and I saw a “click here” sign, so being a naturally curious person, I clicked it, which lead me to your 360 page, which lead me here ,and which has now lead me to comment on your primary blog(which I’m assuming you’ve had long before 360)..And next time she wants you to vacuum(if you really HATE vacuuming), ask her to do something she really hates to do…maybe dishes?

  8. Thank you, Amanda, for that terrifying real-time glance into the female brain. I’m going to go lie down now.

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