My Wife Is Smarters Than I Wish She Were


After 8 beautiful years of marriage, it seems my wife is on to me.

I have a tendency to download the occasional tune from COMPLETELY LEGAL file sharing… ahem… services and tonight I sought a particular song that I happen to find very catchy.

This is what transpired as I attempted to listen, in private, with my earphones as my wife watched the uber retarded Big Brother:

HER: Are you listening to Kelly Clarkson?

ME: What? What did you say? Am I glistening in smelly chrysanthemum? You make no sense, woman! Begone! Begone, I say!

HER: You think she’s hot.

ME: Whatever.

It’s lucky that I’m so incredibly quick witted. Otherwise, I wouldn’t get away with nothing.



  1. So…do you?

  2. Do I…what???

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