Super Fun Sunday Day Out

Every Saturday and/or Sunday my wife and I try to get the hell outta Dodge and go for a walk somewhere away from the crowds, the smashed beer bottles and whatever bullshit ‘cultural’ event the City of Belfast tries to promote for whatever reason. It’s not that Belfast doesn’t have it’s high points–I just get tired of seeing them five days a week and need to go someplace where there’s nature and less chance of having my cell phone stolen by street gangs.

(Ha ha ha hahahahahaha! I’m kidding. Nobody would EVER try to steal my cell phone. And if they tried I’m pretty sure I could knock them unconscious with it or at least qualify them for reconstructive dental surgery on the NHS.)

This week’s nature exposition expedition was to Castlewellen:


Castlewellen is exactly where the clouds are sitting. It was too late to turn back! Onwards!

We left the flat knowing full well that the weather wasn’t supposed to be great but we took our chances and headed to where I thought the weather would be the best. As you can see by the above pic, I chose the only place in Northern Ireland where it was actually raining. Chalk another up another skill to go along with my lack of direction, no sense of time, and a psychic ability to command flies to do my bidding!


OK. I can’t command flies to do my bidding because if I could I would have sent the bastards circling my head away to momentarily blind the little girl who, for some reason, was trying to ride between my legs on her new bike. I’m not the BFG, people. I will kick small children. Ask my nephews.

All in all it was still a pretty good day, despite the rain and the flies but I feel like something is missing– like I should have learned some sort of lesson or come away from the experience wiser and more mature but I didn’t learn nothing.

By the way, what the hell happened to June?





  1. You certainly got the worst of the otherwise glorious weather! I love the flies buzzing around your ahead – and your look of disgust.

    Not so sure about the brown theme that’s going on at your homepage. The cool black and grey on this comment page is fabulous, but the brown … a bit agricultural … not as easy on the eye as your original wordpress template!

    I’ll shut up now before you complain about my blue, blue and more blue scheme over at Alan in Belfast. (Oh, and thanks for the blogroll mention, and putting up with Jett every week on LTA.)


  2. Oh, and it’s back to white and grey again. You’re obviously just tinkering while I read!

  3. I am tinkering Alan, but thanks for the feedback. I’m trying to find that “just right” mix. Let me know what you think.

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