File Under Things That Sounded Like More Fun Than They Actually Were

After a brutal, fast-paced, insanity inducing week I found time this afternoon to surf the interwebs to kill off the last 14 minutes of the day (I would have said the last 15 minutes but then I would have been rounding down up and nobody wins when Wayne Ordinary American lies. It’s true.)

This is what I found– a site called:

I won’t bore you with the details of how I found this site (cuz I can’t *ahem* remember) but I was intrigued when it said you could upload a pic of yourself and see what you would look like with the famous Jennifer Aniston “Rachel” hairstyle. I thought maybe I could start a new trend with the “Way-chel”.

Oh baby!

So I filled out the registration info (I registered as Tom Tuttle. I don’t want people to actually know who I am, after all) uploaded a handsome pic of myself and…….

…there was no option of putting the “Rachel” on my noggin!


They pulled Ye Olde Bait and Switch on me!

So this is what I was left with:


Witness the amazing “Beckham”

(by this I mean David Beckham of the famous ‘soccer playing Something or Others from Somewhere or the Other’. Some people in the UK might know who he is because he’s married to Posh Spice.) I look something short of “Spiffy” but on the upside I would only get propositioned by gay men with incredibly bad taste. (I am a slob, after all. They would probably cut me a lot of slack…and give me free hair gel.)

Embarrassing Non-Rachel-Do-Number-Two:



This is me with a Phillip Seymour Hoffman Coif. This is DAMN close to how I looked in high school (without the five o’clock shadow, that is). SAUCY!!

And last but not least is my attempt to go slightly more feminine since Jennifer Aniston wasn’t available. I’ve always wondered what I’d look like as a red head and now I know I haven’t missed a damn thing:





This is me with a sexy Marcia Cross cut. I don’t think the Denver Bronco Orange suits my natural blue eyes and Primark fashion sense. But that’s just me. Or is it???

Is it???



  1. This is sort of off-topic but you appear to be someone who could grow a mustache quite easily.

    Is there anything stopping you from doing so? If anything, for you to post the pictures here? I am not saying this because of “who I am” – I sincerely think it would be phenomenal to see what Wayne would look like with a ‘stache. Why not?

  2. Funny thing… I can’t actually grow a very good mustache. But yeah, why not? The stache is becoming quite popular again (so I hear).

  3. Sir,

    You are hilarious. I have really enjoyed reading your blog.

    You are LINKED.

  4. You are hilarious (for a man – he he). I have really enjoyed reading your blog.

    You are LINKED.

    And the pictures. . .ummmm, yeah, uh, you look good. (read scary HA!)

  5. Nikki, you’re pretty funny yourself– and you have been linked. Thanks for tuning in!

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