I’m a Man of Many Talents



Over the last month I seemed to have picked up a few new readers.This is awesome (God…I sound so American…well, I am American I suppose– so that’s cool.)


Anyway, my point is that not only do I write this humble blog but I also co-host the incredibly popular podcast

Letter to America

with my friend and BBC Director Jett Loe (pictured above). I know it’s incredibly popular because Jett tells me that it is and he knows everything. I even have a bracelet with the engraving WWJD? (‘What Would Jett Do?)

If, for some strange reason, you want to hear my incredibly nasal whine in graphic digital clarity feel free to tune in.

Even if you don’t want listen to my voice you’ll want to hear it- unless you’re cool with being a sad n00b.

Tune in NOW (I’m in advertising, I know how your weak mind works. Resistance is futile) and wrap yourself in a big warm blanket of self-satisfaction and interweb smugness.

God, you’re gonna feel good.

MMMmmmmmm interweb smugness….(tastes like chocolate!)



  1. Next you’ll be saying you can “multitask” 🙂

  2. HAHAHAHA! Putting the words MEN and MULTITASKING in the same sentence…now I’ve seen it all.


  3. Does walking and chewing gum at the same time count as multitasking? Cuz if so, no, I can’t multitask.

  4. Ah but Wayne do you….”Think out of the box”, or have you ever had a “Confab”, with fellow co-workers? Do you use words like; Business process, metrics, Resource strategies, vertical holdings or administrative direction?

  5. Brianf, happily I have never used such words. I’m in ADVERTISING! I’m stuck with such gems as “loads”, “fantastic”, “Call 028 90 XXX XXX for more information” and my personal favorite “opulent”.

    I have also never thought out of the box. Once I leave the four square walls of the office my brain turns off.

    What’s a “Confab”? (Seriously, I don’t know what that means.)

  6. You’ve never been privy to http://www.charthouse.com/ and the whole Pike Place Fish guys? You haven’t lived, man! Yes, they put me through this workshop where I work to stimulate us or something. There was coffee. That’s all I remember. Multi-task away.

  7. A Confab is nothing more than what I would call, “A Brain Storming Session”. Kinda’ like a meeting amoungst peers.
    I’m with you on the turning the brain off at 1700 every day. Evenings and weekends are for riding my motorcycle, watching movies and of course drinking beer.

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