Time Keeps On Slippin’ Into the Future

Turns out, that when you go and look at houses that are for sale and tell the person who owns the house that you like their house and will pay them a certain amount of money to make their house your house they sometimes agree.


Unfortunately, there is some obscure law written somewhere (probably in goat’s blood and hidden under a rock in some strange church protected by the mythical decendants of Dan Brown) that says that when you tell somebody that you’ll pay them a certain price to move out of their house and let you move in you actually have to pay them the certain price you said you’d pay them.


This is exactly what has happened to my wife and myself. Only we couldn’t afford a full on ‘house’ because we are only a half-step above being ranked as ‘Surfs’ on our tax returns (only you don’t file tax returns here in the U.K. You have to trust the government to decide whether or not you’ve paid the right amount. Several years ago my wife and I thought we might have paid too much in taxes here in the U.K. and sent hand written letters to the tax people and they sent us a refund. I’m not sure who I trust more– the I.R.S. or whoever the hell the tax people are over here (I haven’t really paid that much attention. Jesus, I’m lazy…)).

Where was I? Oh yeah, since we’re semi-surfs (good lord, I soooo want to say ‘smurfs’) we couldn’t afford a house and had to settle for a flat (that’s ‘apartment’ to my American readers).

So I guess this means that we’re going to be stuck here for at least another couple of years (not that I mind) which is cool because the way the housing market is going we should make a nice and tidy 30,000 pounds in the next 2 or 3 years (that’s around $58,000 American). And since the U.S. of America is hitting a housing bust, I’m thinking we could turn around and invest over there when this market takes a dump and just keep going back and forth until we’re so stinking rich it won’t matter.

Anyway, I won’t keep you. I know you’re busy and you’ve got things to do.

I’m feeling all growed up and shit these days.

(WTF are we getting ourselves into?????)



  1. Awesome little website and story Wayne – congrats on the flat and interesting about the taxes. I wonder if that’s why those brits across the pond revolted? I see another one coming taxes are out of hand over here now…can you say AMT? Say hi to Ruth! miss you guys

  2. Congrats on the new place!

    I hope you love it there.

  3. Good luck with the home-ownership! Hope it’s not the money pit mine has turned out to be, but apparently you can’t go wrong buying property here. Bring on the riches…

  4. Thanks everyone.

    (I just wrote about 8 smart ass replies but had to erase them because I don’t want to jinx the deal. I’m sure the new place will be a gold mine of material for the blog. Damn it. I’ve done and jinxed it.)

  5. Congrats on the new digs! You don’t want your cows back, do you? They live in my workout room and have a way of motivating me. 🙂

  6. Geez,Ron…
    I forgot about the cows. You could just take a picture of them and email it to me. I need a motivational screen saver at work.

  7. Wayne,
    One question though. Did you buy three windows and a door or two windows and a door and if it was the latter which two windows did you you buy?
    btw. congrats for reel……I’m in the process of buying also.

    Brianf, Fashionable Late again……….

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