Idly Rambling On

Number of Radio Ads Written This Week: 21

Number of Radio Ads Recorded This Week: 0 (next week could be rough for somebody other than me cuz I’m out Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. Woop! Woop!)

Two DVDs Left Behind by an Ex Co-Worker: ‘Rent-a-Butt’ and ‘Behind the Scenes with Lucy and Michelle’.

An Observation That Could Have Used Some Filtering Before I Opened My Mouth: ‘Have you noticed how buff Tiger Woods is lately?’

Weirdest Search Terms People Used to Find My Blog This Week:

  1. 1023
  2. ass on ass
  3. how do I convince my wife to try anal

I shall let you all ponder the depths of my mind. Have a good weekend.



  1. LOL.. Recent search terms that got people to my blog were, Jefferson Davis Dead, Jefferson Davis’ Headstone, and my favorite “The inner thoughts of Jefferson Davis”. I’m not dead, I don’t have a fucking headstone, and as far as my inner thoughts are concerned, I don’t even want to know that. 🙂 LOL…

  2. Your site seems to be bringing in a lot of people interesting in anal action, you outta consider tracking them down to send them that abandoned porn.

  3. RENT A BUTT – why? He can HAVE mine!

  4. The DVD in question was not, as some might assume, of the homosexualist nature. However, it is still quite disturbing and I felt the urge to wash my eyes with bleach after approximately 2.5 seconds of viewing.

    Nikki, I would think twice about giving up your butt. How would you sit and what would people kiss when you were angry with them?

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