Holy Bejeeeeeeeebus!


Hey kids.


I’m tired.

(Long hours at work with no thanks. That’s the world for ya. Give your best, get a deragatory email in your in-box. Contemplate suicide. God bless us, one and all…)

I’ll be shakin’ and updatin’ and informatin’ soon.

Right after I get a decent night’s sleep.

Ha ha ha ha!

We all know that ain’t gonna happen!

So, I’ll update when I’ve had a better than less than shitty half-assed night’s rest.

You have my word.

Until that time, tune into

Letter to America and picture me as a ‘happy-happy-joy-joy’ man o’ the world who has boundless energy and words enough to sprinkle the universe with the best goddamn sales copy ever imagined.



  1. Dear Happy Happy Joy Joy in France πŸ™‚
    Tomorrow will be a better day. Thanks for the laughs in the midst of your misery.

  2. Bon Jour Monsieur Happy Happy Joy Joy,
    What ever happened to Ceiling Cat? Did he bolt with Jett? Are he and Jett co-habitaing somewhere on a beach in the south of france?

  3. Thanks Malinda, I can promise you that by Thursday night things will be better cuz I’m taking Friday off.

    That’s a good question Brianf. I’d forgotten about Ceiling Cat–there might be a connection between him and Jett.

  4. Happy Happy Joy Joy

    That’s the samething I say when I make an appointment to go to the OBGYN.

  5. Obviously, I can’t relate to that experience Nikki but I feel like this every time I step across the threshold of my office.

    Maybe this isn’t right…

  6. That must be one hell of a great OB/GYN.

  7. Nikki must visit Dr. Steve Baxter, Hollywood Gynecologist.

  8. Hey Wayne –

    Just a thought – have you considered opening LTA posting rights up to a few others? Maybe Jett’s gone, but in the meantime perhaps we could keep the community going with regular posts – maybe news about Northern Ireland, interesting links, whatever. Obviously I’d be happy to be one of these people if you ever considered it. πŸ™‚

    – Jenny

  9. I like the idea – though I could see that getting out of hand pretty quickly.

  10. Heh, you seem really cut up about ‘Jett’ ‘Leaving’, heh.

  11. Yeah Jenny, the thought crossed my mind about opening up LTA to the community but there are two problems with that:

    A. I don’t have full rights to allow that. I am only a guest author.

    B. Phil is right, It would get out of hand. For example, I threw this post together after about 3 hours of sleep and suddenly the comments are about OBGYN’s.

    I rest my case.

  12. Aaah, I see! Jett was taken out by competitor podcast Futureless!

  13. Yep, he’s tied up in my shed.

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