Be afraid. Be sort of afraid…





  1. OK – not to ignore the humorous photo, but – you will have to tell me how you made that .gif. I have always wanted to do something similar but have no idea how.

  2. It’s magic and a magician never reveals how it’s done.

  3. Phil – I just use ImageReady, which is Photoshop’s annoying sidekick. Go to the Animation paltette, click Make Frames from Layers, and you can just add slides and transition times.

  4. Jenny- You are now officially out of ‘The Computer Magic Club.’

    I expected better things from you.

  5. Ha! In your face, Wayne.

  6. Oh yeah – your photo. A push should be made to N. Ireland’s sign-makers to put out a “beware of unexpected Waynes” sign. Because you never know where Wayne will pop up.

  7. Also, those are fake feet sticking out. The women’s crouched up in only one side of the box! It’s all lies!

    ::dodges thrown tomatoes::

  8. Wayne lying?!?!? The hell you say!

  9. Go get her Christina!

  10. *eats popcorn and watches*

  11. Dude, watches do terrible things to your digestive system.

  12. I’m sorry… I know I posted this magical pic myself but it still makes me laugh. (It’s a sure sign that I’m going crazy/senile.)

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