You know what I’m saying?

Today (Friday), I took the day off.

It wasn’t a holiday, nobody died, my puppy didn’t run away, I didn’t need to ‘find myself’.

There was no reason that I should take the day off except that if I didn’t I think I seriously might have done something drastic.

I try to entertain here but lately my ???????? has taken over every aspect of my ?????. And I didn’t realize it fully until today. Oh sure, when we went to Rome back in June, I felt it because as soon as we left the country my eye stopped twitching, I stopped drinking and I was enjoying life for the first time in a year. A YEAR!

But then I forgot about it.

Sort of.

When we got back I swallowed my stress full on and gave myself a …no, not a hernia… what the hell am I trying to say here???? an ulcer? YES, that’s it! I gave myself an ulcer.

??????????fucking purple monkey dishwasher ?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????pole surfing???????????????????????????????????????????Anthony and the Cock Gobblers????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????cancerous boil of humanity?????????????????????????shit dribbler???????????????????quit??????????????Jett Loe??????????????????

Anyway, I’m not going to post this as is. I’m gonna disguise it so I don’t get busted. I just needed to get this off my chest and not risk getting ?????? over it.

I will say this:

As soon as we get our flat sorted out and we’ve moved in and some of the bills are paid I’m getting out of the ???????????????????.

I have to. If I don’t I’m going to do something that I’ll never forgive myself for.

Whatever that might be.



  1. You know you should quit the job Wayne. And probably the drink as well.


  2. fucking jett loe! bastard. too bad LTA is shit otta luck now,(so it seems) quit your job, get some beer and relax man!

  3. I’m pretty sure Lunderpants is hiring. MA (and the rest of the suvivors) would love to see you again. On second thought, bad idea. Stay in Ireland. But getting an ulcer because of ??????????? is like moving to defcon 1. GET OUT GET OUT! Nothing is worth your health.

  4. People, people, people… I never said my job was the problem. I LOVE my job! LOVE IT!!!!!!!! (please god help me…)

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