We’re All A Little Bit Crazy


My wife wants to start her own blog (no, the pic above has nothing to do with anything. I just like pictures. Pretty pictures! Huh-huh-huh!).

I want to help her. I truly do. But apparently, I’m useless at helping her come up with a name for her info-portal into the intra-tubulars.

Witness the following word for word conversation we had only minutes ago:

Her: Will you show me how to make my own blog?

Me: Of course! It’s easy!

Her: What should I call it?

Me: How ’bout ‘Ruth Rocks!’?

Her: No.

Me: ‘Rockin’ Ruth!’?

Her: No.

Me: ‘Ruth Rocks Your World!’

Her: No.

Me: ‘Rockin’ Ruth Rocks!’?

Her: No.

Me: ‘Rock with Rockin’ Ruth as She Rocks the Rockers!’

Her: No.

Help me here, people. I’m all outta ideas….



  1. tRUTH hurts…….. eh, eh?

  2. Youcanthandletheruth.com?

  3. PS… I’m on my travels in Washington DC, and I’m surrounded by ordinary Americans. But they’re just not quite like you Wayne. I want my money back…

    Alabama here I come. Do you want me to send the Playaz your regards when I pass through Atlanta?


  4. Living with an Ordinary American

    My Hubby is a Wee Bit Touched

    Plastic Barnicals

    Let Me Show You How It’s Done

    Chocolate Pudding

    Buss N Poots (Switched the first two letters)

    I Did That On Purpose

    Ketchup Stain

    A Rip Ruthin’ Good Time (as opposed to rip roarin’ good time, but it sounds a bit porno-ish)

    Frog Hair

    The Ruth is Mightier Than The Sword

    Thought I’d go for something different here…and what in the hell is a intra-tubular?

    I’m voting for the second one.

  5. Here it goes..

    Ruth, she’s better than dry vermouth.
    Ruth, she’s wiser than a wisdom tooth.
    Ruth speaks the truth.

    I stuck those together because they rythme… 🙂

    Are you coming through my quaint little state, South Carolina?
    Have a great trip… 🙂

  6. sorry for two post in a row. What do they call Vinegar and Chips over there? That would be an interesting name.

  7. Hey Jefferson, don’t apologise, I think we can hijack this comments thread for own means…

    I’ll have the pleasure of (hopefully) slumbering through Greenville, SC at 05.01am on Tuesday morning… I’ve booked myself into Amtrak’s luxurious ‘coach’ class on board the southbound Crescent. I will naturally be expecting a welcoming party, with rose petals strewn across the tracks and young beggar children selling small meals in wicker baskets to the windows of my carraige…


  8. How about , “Ruth’s Blog”?

  9. hmmm…’tRuth hurts’ has its merits but then again….

    ‘You can’t handle the Ruth’ has a certain coolness about it…like it’s a fact!

    ‘My husband is a wee bit touched’ says more about me than her (though this has the most ‘truth’ factor out of all the suggestions thus far).

  10. Reminder: You owe the Playaz money for our intellectual property rights settlement.

  11. I am in San Fran right now, James – sorry I missed you!

    Baby Ruth – good candy bar. I guess. I’ve never really eaten one.

    I’ve got it…

    The Blog That Ruth Built…..she won’t understand it but it is a great title and she is a fool if she doesn’t use it. (for you europeans, it is an American phrase “the house that Ruth built” – a reference to Babe Ruth and Yankee Stadium)

  12. Oh, Phil, Phil, Phil…. my wife is very aware of Babe Ruth and Yankee Stadium (these damn Europeans seem to know more about American History than we do. What’s up with that?). She also said that your suggestion wasn’t too bad (but she did laugh at “You Can’t Handle the Ruth!”)

    Also, Baby Ruth candy bar…meh… not everything it’s cracked up to be.

  13. Ahem!

  14. Yes, Wayne… I’m aware of my legal obligations but you know how women are. She wants what she wants… and how much do I owe you?

  15. You should be able to establish her blog for free. Maybe spend another $50 for your internet service provider. Send the rest of your assets to us immediately. We should be square (until the end of the month).

  16. If you want to paypal me some money Wayne (original ordinary Wayne) then I can pass it on to Wayne (false but successfully litigous Wayne) when I pass through Atlanta tomorrow.

    Or I could just throw a brick at him…


  17. I can’t believe you called the other Wayne ‘false’! And you threatened to throw a brick at him??!!?? I feel really bad for you right now, James.

  18. James, I happen to be in a good mood this morning, which is the only reason your train won’t experience an unfortunate “accidental derailment” due to your comments. I cannot, however, speak for Tac and Bon.

  19. I really like You Can’t handle The Ruth. I think that’s a winner.

  20. My apologies for underestimating Ruth’s knowledge of the second greatest american pastime (behind eating hot dogs).

    Wayne, I can’t imagine James would be riding a train, but we’ll station Bon there just in case – meantime, you can probably serve James with papers at Hartsfield-Jackson….or, we’ll just “tip off” airport security that James’ goes by the nickname “Jihad Jimmy”.

  21. Ahhh…I see from an earlier comment James is in fact riding Amtrak.

    Just put a large rock on the tracks.

  22. Who’s doing what now? Are you talking to me, Phil? Or the other Wayne? What’s going on here?

  23. She asked you for a name? Is she desperate? I mean *ahem*, when it comes to creativity, my hubby is the LAST one I go to. 😉

    Another vote for “You can’t handle the Ruth!”

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