Life is Good. Agree or Disagree? Discuss!


This week I started taking the train to work.


Some of you may remember that I used to take the train all the time and spent the majority of my time en route making up names for the weirdos surrounding me and swearing under my breath at everybody else.

I started driving to work in July when the schools got out and the traffic was a little bit lighter. But now that the little bastards (school kids, that is) are back studying Mobile Texting, iPod Configuration and How to Drink Cider at the Train Station and Not Throw Up On Your Own Shoes, I figured, “What a perfect time to start taking the train again!”

It must be the masochist in me that would trade the constipated traffic for the Northern Ireland Transit system so that I could spend more time with people who swim in W.O.W. (Weird Old Woman) Perfume and moronic lickspittles who don’t understand the concept of “personal space”. (If you don’t know me and you’re touching my crotch, you’re too GODDAMN CLOSE!)

Anyway, I’m back on the train gang and, yes, it gets me to work faster during the school months and I can read or play my Nintendo DS on the way, and that’s all good.

But, for some reason, I’m not happy about it.

I guess I just wonder why everybody else such a pain in the ass when it’s so easy to be normal.

Like me.

Sad, isn’t it?

*(Don’t you just love the stink lines?)



  1. Life is indeed good. Today I had a doctor’s appointment so I took the afternoon off. Turns out the silly appointment is tomorrow. Whatever shall I do? Of course! I’m driving 45 minutes west to the world’s smallest town called Alma for ice cream. Yippee!! I shall post photos on my blog. It’ll be a treat! By the way, where can I pick up some W.O.W? Does it smell of Huckelberry by chance?

  2. Life’s grand Wayne… That’s all I’ve got to say. Well, I’ll probably come up with something later, but until then, cheerio mate… 🙂

  3. Our ceiling caved in last night after I posted this, so the jury is still out for me.

  4. Life rocks! Especially if you’re all kinds of rich, slim, and young – of which, I’m none.

    Jeez, I’m depressed now. LOL

  5. WOA, sorry to hear that buddy. I hope you and the wife are doing allright. Take care…

  6. I went off my diet today, the van is overheating, my kids are fighting and I think I just ate a staple.

  7. Christina- never underestimate the value of iron. It is, after all, a ‘staple’ of everyone’s diet. *Rimshot* Thank you, thank you…

  8. Life is…ok. I just spent alot more money than i have, but it was on really good stuff.
    Sorry about the ceiling…that happened in our kitchen. Still haven’t completely isolated the leak in the bathroom above that caused it…hmm, perhaps life still sucks.

  9. […] …op de stoep! A conversation over on Wayne’s blog reminded I had these photographs from a trip to Amsterdam a few years ago. Proof that Dutch isn’t that difficult to understand, when you put it in the right context. […]

  10. Life is very very very very good. I just had breakfast that was so good it almost made me cry (coffee, freshly squeezed orange juice, French toast and stirred yoghurt with chilled fruits) at a very fancy French café here in Montréal. All the waiters were smartly dressed in crisp white shirts with black aprons, the waitresses were really hot and the food was amazing. I tipped exceedingly well for an Englishman, so maybe the love will be shared 🙂

    That photo reminds me of some that I took in the Netherlands a few years ago… I have blogged them for your perusal:


  11. James. Oh James. I hate you. Not because you’re evil but because you had a real breakfast which, as you know, you can’t find here in Belfast.

    French toast…mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.

    Yes, it’s official. I hate you.

    (Describe that breakfast to me again……)

  12. Well, I wasn’t going to, but now I’m drooling just thinking about it…

    Four thick, fluffy, light triangular pieces of white bread, golden brown and yellow and just eggy and creamy enough, stood on their ends (the bread was so thick they were able to stand up on their own) and arranged in a cross, with thin slices of sweet, juicy Florida oranges and strawberries in between…. oh, and a little miniature jar of fine extra clear maple syrup…. the coffee was fresh, possibly Javan, but firm and aromatic. The chilled fruits included segments of oranges, pampelmousse (sorry, I forgot the English word and don’t want to stop the happy memories that are flooding back), blood orange, kiwi and melon, and were compressed into layers in a little glass….. the yoghurt was light, slightly sweet and mmmmm was rather yummy.

    Oh, and did I mention the freshly squeezed orange juice?

    Don’t feel *too* jealous though… I’m moving to Sheffield next week………………


  13. The closest thing to an American pancake I’ve had in the last year and a half was at McDonalds and as for ‘French Toast’ I’ve had toasted french bread- and that doesn’t count.

    Funny, though. I don’t really miss the breakfast thing until Saturday morning hits. Like now.

    (I would kill for a “Moons Over My Hammy”.)

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