Super Saturday Belfast Zoo Stuff

Today we went to the Belfast Zoo.

I would like to say lots of really supportive things about Belfast’s one and only zoo but… but…well…truth be told, it struck me as a zoo that is either slowly dying a sad death or is slowly recovering from said sad death and is on the uprise. Time will tell and until time tells me which one it is I will try to pull back and be objective.

Some pictures of our day:


Wow. ‘A rare experience everyday!’ What the hell have I done with my life before this? Today’s a day! Maybe it’ll be rare!

It’s good to see that the penguins take care of their own- unlike the mysterious elephants who have their secret ‘Burial Grounds’, where those great big mammals do god knows what with their dead. But thanks to the Belfast Zoo we now know that flightless birds use gurneys like the rest of the civilized world.
It’s not often you’re told to give blood. The zoo, it seems, is the perfect place to reflect upon such a life changing decision. Especially if you are a pelican:




Hmmmm…not looking too good here. Seems a bit run down.


Oh shit! Scary animals ahead! This is, after all, the world famous Belfast Zoo where anything can happen!


Oh, it was just pigs tackling each other. That ain’t so scary.

Strange how they gave a wallaby a full Christian name. He must’ve been something special! Poor Royce Nelson…the big fat wallaby.


This is pretty much the entire snake house. I hate snakes. I was glad the snake house was so small.





Speaking of elephants and their secret gravesites…well, I have nothing to else to say about that. When this guy kicks it, his grave will probably be the Lagan River. That’s not so secret (where else would they dump him?).


Giraffes have really long tongues. It’s not something you learn in school, but it’s true. It was right after this shot was taken that the batteries on my camera went dead, so you’ll have to imagine how fantastic the rest of the zoo was. (And in all honesty, it wasn’t that bad. It’s exactly what you’d expect from a zoo in a city of only 300,000. Maybe even more. Or maybe less. I mean, what DO you expect from a zoo in a city of 300,000?)

Also, Giraffe’s tongues are blue.



  1. What about monkeys? Every zoo has monkeys. Poo throwing, humping, screaming monkeys. Maybe that abandoned building was the monkey house. How many times can I say monkey in this reply? Monkey, monkey, monkey. Sorry, Wayne. Too much coffee…

  2. This is the most depressing zoo ever.

  3. Jama- there were monkeys but most of them were of the “I’m a hundred years old in monkey AND human years” variety. Not very exciting to say the least. (I don’t think they were strong enough to wing their shit very far.)

    Phil- yeah, it was kinda depressing but the pics don’t really do it justice because my camera died. It wasn’t that bad…but then again…it wasn’t that good either.

    I felt kinda sad afterwards.

  4. The Floral Hall (the delapitated building) was a dance hall during the Second World War but has been vacant since 1973. It’s a listed building, but not being maintained.

    Belfast Zoon is definitely not the most snazzy in terms of buildings, signage and star quality animals, but it’s not bad. We visited back in May – some more photos over at AiB. The penguins and sea-lions were the highlight, along with the Aussie visitors.

    And didn’t an elephant die at the zoo recently after an illness?

  5. Maybe it was because of chronic depression…

  6. I really, really wanted to like the zoo and I did have fun but there was something just not quite right about it.

    Maybe it was the late afternoon sunshine (which I always find melancholic) or maybe because the animals all looked pretty old or maybe the fact that I didn’t see any zoo personnel walking around who could’ve stopped the morons we spotted from throwing their sandwhiches to the gorrillas (true).

  7. From the photos it DOES look depressing. And the reptile building needs to be expanded a lot. How can you not like snakes? I mean, in glass windows not on the ground in front of you? Now the bird building I always pass on. Squawking annoying bitches….

  8. A rare experience every day?

    I would think that if an experience happened everyday, it wouldn’t be so rare.

    But maybe i overanalyze things.

  9. First we are tantalized with the likes of the picture postcardy images of Saltzberg Austria and the rolling hills and dale of Scotland only to find out your vacation was at the Belfast Zoo!?!?
    Wayne, bud, give it up? Where did you decide to go on holiday? Saltzberg, Scotland, Ithaca New York or the Belfast Zoo?

  10. Christina- Yes, always skip the bird house (luckily there isn’t one at the Belfast Zoo).

    Steve- hmmmmm, you’re right. Maybe my experience WAS the rare experience????

    Brianf- No, this wasn’t our holiday. We’re still undecided on that one (It’s a long story). But now that you mention Ithaca…

  11. The elephant appears to live in 23 hour lock-down Elephant Jail.

    And why didn’t they go all the way and give Royce Nelson a title, like, “Lord Royce Nelson” or “Doctor Royce Nelson”?

  12. very good …

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