The Dog Suicide Bridge


Tonight my wife is heavily into “The Dog Suicide Bridge” a *ahem* brilliant semi-documentary playing on a shitty television station about dogs leaping to their death from a bridge (obviously) in Scotland (by “obviously” I meant they jumped from a bridge, not that they obviously jumped from a bridge in Scotland. That makes no sense whatsoever. Obviously.).

I’m not allowed to speak when it is on. (She’s very concerned about these dogs. She believes something is wierd. Like the river below is made of sweet, sweet liver or dried pigs feet and the dogs just can’t resist. I’m not allowed to ask. I will get yelled at. Shhhhhhh! Now my typing is too loud! She’s very concerned. I feel so callous. I’m SORRY!)

This is serious stuff.

Over 50 canines have jumped to their doggy deaths from the Overtoun Bridge.

Yet, somehow…I find this whole thing… amusing.

I’m sure there’s a reasonable explanation (maybe Scottish dog owners are assholes or the bridge hurts the dog’s feet and they think “Goddamn it! This bridge blows! I’m gonna take a swim!”).

Anyway, I hope there’s a conclusive answer at the end of the program.

(But I doubt there is.)



  1. Ok, maybe it’s just me, but if this bridge is ‘famous’ for attracting dogs to take the doggy dive of death, WHY would 49 other dog owners visit the place? Is this some sick twisted Scottish humor?

    • it aint funny at all! It happened to my dog five years ago, and its obviously not widely known enough! hence the reason I participated in the making of the program! I dont think it is spooky or strange, I just think dogs have no idea of the drop on the other side dew to their being no holes in the bridge walls for the dogs to see the other side! but if a sign was put up reminding the public to keep their dogs on a lead dew to a high doggy death toll, the problem could easily be solved! …as for me? I certainly wont be taking my new collie there for a walk again!
      Cheers Donna Cooper x

      • Not so sure the problem of the “Dog Suicide Bridge” would be solved by a sign Donna. I have researched the mystery for a book, and these mysterious deaths occur often to tourists and visitors to Overtoun who have no knowledge or fear of the place. Would be interested to speak to you more about your story….feel free to contact me….

  2. If she starts to show signs of any more unusual behaviour, or displays similarities to canines I’d get the people who filmed that programme in to make a documentry about her 😉

  3. Christina- Good question. I have no answer but you’d think if you loved your dog you’d try to avoid the bridge…

    Cyber- hmmm, the hard part would be discerning any “more” unusual behaviour. That’s like suddenly realizing that there’s a couple of extra grains of sand on your favourite beach.

  4. I know what it is. There are spectral ghosts of cats walking under the bridge when the dogs are walking on it.

    They just have to give chace…..

  5. Wow, Scotland is so depressing even the dogs are committing suicide.


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