Funderland and Letter to America


Sometimes, when things just ain’t so peachy-keen you gotta go out and do somethin’ stoopid.

Today was the perfect day for that.

Jett and I took it upon ourselves to journey to the Boucher Road to witness the wonder that is ‘Funderland’ and record the latest chapter of Letter to America’. (Yes. That’s the real name. (‘Funderland’, that is. That’s the real name of the ‘Fun Fair’ not the name of ‘Letter to America’. It’s name is actually ‘Letter to America’ (by which I mean ‘Letter to America’ not ‘Funderland’.) And, yes, that’s us on the ‘Jungle Fever’ or whatever water-ride. And, yes, I realize that it looks totally Photoshopped but that’s the actual pic taken by what looked like a traffic cam and presented to us by the Polish booth worker who shilled this to us. (Jett bought the actual ‘photo’ for 5 pounds whereas I settled for the 3 pound key chain. (By ‘pound’ I mean British pound, as in ‘currency’ not ‘weight’. A three pound (as in ‘weight’) keychain would be simply ridiculous . It would probably tear a hole in my pocket (literally and/or figuratively) (If I was talking ‘weight’ but not ‘currency’.) (Even though I bought it anyway (for three pounds. Currency wise (meaning ‘currency’) and not ‘weight’). Are you following me?)) (I’m now going to add a couple more parenthesis because I’ve lost track.)))

We only spent about 20 minutes there (you’ll have to listen to the podcast (coming soon) to find out why) but it was worth it. It brought a smile to my face and now I think I might just be able to tough out the next couple of months even though things are looking bleak.

We shall see.

Anyhoo… hope you all have a kick ass Monday and I apologize in advance if I don’t post regularly. I really am hitting the stink pile at work and in life. It’s gonna get crazier than any job I have ever had and the life thing…well, let’s just call it “life”, ok?

Here’s hoping I come out the other side (of both work and life) with at least part of my sanity intact.

*Deep Breath*

Let’s go to Funderland!


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  1. Welcome to the Universal Life Church

    ~ Brother Michael

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