Simply Pictures (Of County Kerry, Ireland)

Can’t stop to chat.

I’m a busy guy.

Here’s some more pics from the latest holiday.

And no, there’s no rhyme or reason to these. It’s just a simple tour. I may comment on some pics. We’ll see how I feel.

By the way… I hope you’re all doing well. I miss my normal life. I miss restful sleep.

I miss you. (Oh, you know who you are! Don’t be shy! Awwww shucks!)

I can’t really discuss what all is going on but I will tell you this: a big portion of my life will significantly change for good or ill on November 7. Other parts of my life are less certain.

We’ll talk more later.




‘Do not swim here’.

Duh… You can’t swim on rocks. Double Duh…


This is where Aran Sweaters come from (I think)…


I mean, these stupid sheep are just asking for it…

But wherever would you buy said Aran Sweater???


(More to follow. Soon. Well, ‘Soon-ish’.



  1. What happens Nov 7th? Are you running for Congress?

  2. I know you miss me baby – but should we really be doing this here? on your blog? You need to control yourself….I know I’m hard to resist….but damn.

  3. Hey Wayne,
    I close on my house on Nov. 3. This is the day that all this stress headache, not sleeping and no appetite crap ends. I hope your Nov. 7 is similar.

  4. Phil- No, I would never run for Congress. I might run “from” Congress…never “for”.

    Nikki- Shhhhhh! You’ll get me in trouble! (Actually, I meant that I missed “normality”. Wish I knew what that was like…

    Brianf- We’re closing on the 6th AND the company I work for is pitching for an $8 million account on the same day. To say I’m stressed is a bit of an understatement. I will say that on the 7th, no matter what the outcome, I will be drunk.

    Very, very drunk.

  5. Cool pictures Wayne. I picked up a few of those sweaters, while in Dublin, or was I in Limerick. Anyhow, cool pics, and don’t forget to send in your absentee ballot dude, because if ya don’t vote, you’ll be a dope.

    Damn that’s terrible, but it does rhythm. 🙂

  6. Sorry, Jefferson. I’m abstaining from voting this time around. It’s my new “don’t care- don’t vote” motto. The U.S. seems quite capable of screwing themselves without my help.

    (Now, if there was a “Send Bush to Rehab” option…well, then I would vote.)

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