Bachin’ it Part the Three



Today’s healthy menu of Day Three Bachelorhood consisted of the following:


  • Two raw eggs drunk from the same glass that had previously held my effervescent vitamins.
  • V-8
  • Antacid tablets (too much “gravy”)


  • Cowboy Supper (consisting of (for my American readers) chips (french fries), beans (think “Pork-n-Beans”), and two sausages (“sausages”))


  • Frozen pepparoni pepperomi pizza.

I am now going to lie down and count every minute until my wife comes home and cooks me a decent meal. ..and maybe do a load or two of laundry. (Meaning I will do the load or two. Of laundry. (Not what you’re thinking. (Pervert.) (Now look what you’ve done! You’ve made me use lots of parenthesis again! (Oh well. Whatever.)))

*This is a photo from Tollymore (or perhaps, Tullymore (I never pay attention to where I am)) where my wife and I go quite regularly because it’s close to home and there’s a kick ass ice-cream place not too far away.



  1. Yeah, I miss the beans with breakfast Wayne. Lunch sounds damn good to me. 🙂

    Dude, go down to city centre and get yourself one of those really good pizza’s, from that pizza joint. I can’t remember the name of it, but they have good pizza. Anyhow, coold picture…

  2. “Anyhow, coold picture…” I meant cool…

  3. Jefferson- you’re probably thinking of “Little Italy” (right next to “The Crown”) and yes, they are awesome. Sadly, I had a frozen pizza from Sainsbury’s.

    It’s better than nothing…

  4. Tomorrow morning I settle on my house at 0900(1400 Belfast time) then after a day of moving things from their current location to their new location I am going to have an extra large stromboli delivered from Marinos Pizza and I’m going to wash it down with a Yeungling Premium beer or three and when I wake up on Saturday I’m going to have left over stromboli for breakfast.
    Friday night I will have the pleasure of watching a movie in my new house. “The Worlds Fastest Indian” or “Timecode” or maybe something with John Wayne, What do you think?

  5. That sounds like the perfect weekend Brianf! Congrats on your new place and have a slice of “Za” for me, would ya?

  6. I had one of those weekends over Labor Day Weekend. Damn, it was nice!

    I remember I was in my boxer shorts, eating ice cream, drinking wine, and watching Easy Money with Rodney Dangerfield at 3am. Good times!

  7. Well my first movie watched in my new home was, drum roll please,………
    Jay and Silent Bob Strike back !!!
    Nope, no classics, no artsy films, no John Wayne just lots-O-laughs with a couple of beers and a cheese and pepperoni ‘Za.

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