Ted Haggard– May You Rot in Hell


I don’t like to get political (faithful reader(s) know this) because my anger usually gets the best of me and I sound all unreasonable and shit.

But this fucktard Ted Haggard is the epitome of why I think poor Jesus is spinning in his grave.

I was raised to believe in the so-called “Christian” bullshit way of life.

Unfortunately, the people that taught me this way of life were also liars and hypocrites and sodomites and weirdo dip-shits that clung to a spurious (at best) interpretation of a book that had been edited, re-written and generally bastardized by a “council” of political ass-wipes in a bid to control the mass populace. (This goes back to the ancient Romans. I’m not making this up.)

And what’s up with these lying assholes like Ted, who make millions of dollars out of their preaching gigs? Haven’t they heard the story of how it is easier for a camel to pass through the eye of a needle than for a rich man to enter the kingdom of Heaven? This guy is a multi-millionaire! Who did he blow to excuse himself from that rule? Is God gay too? Does Ted have his 800 number?

So let’s get this straight: Ted is gay, he’s a drug addict and he’s rich? But he’s leading a church and a congregation that believes he knows how to get into Heaven? Even though he’s supposed to be against all these things? Holy fuck! Now that’s what I call faith!

I’m not an atheist (not yet, anyway) but I seriously can’t take Christians seriously anymore. The Protestants think Catholics are idolaters, the Catholics think they’re drinking the actual blood of Jesus, Mormons are just weird and everybody thinks that everybody else is going to Hell.

And they all think they know “the way”.

Well, I tell ya what. I’m pulling outta the game and I’m going to live my life in a way that treats ALL people with respect.

But Christians… and Ted, I’m looking your way…you’ve got some making up to do.

Why not admit that you’re human? Maybe then we could all just get along.