Welcome to the House of Wayne


Well, we got the key to our new flat this week.

Have I mentioned this? I think I might have. Did I? I can’t remember.

Anyway– we did. We got the key. It was like magic. Well, not like magic. It was like somebody handing us a key.

Only I wasn’t there.

My wife picked it up on her lunch hour. She said it was nothing special. No ticker tape or anything. Just a law-type person handing her the key and saying something like, “Don’t lose it” or “It’s just a key, ya know”.

Either way. We got the key and it’s looking pretty damn shiny to me.

And now we’re going to be painting, tearing up carpet and generally making a mess for the next 2 1/2 weeks until we move from this shit-hole with the gaping roof (no, they haven’t fixed our ceiling yet) to an old 1960’s flat that may not be perfect, but dammit! it’s ours.

(Expect lots of interior disaster pics during the next couple of weeks. I’m just saying.)



  1. Congrats Wayne! 🙂

  2. Have a good time making the space yours. Turning a house into a home must of course begin with doing it in every room. Have fun!

  3. Cool! Congratulations..

  4. Thanks guys.

  5. Congrats Wayne !!!
    It’s been a week for me and I figure that someday this place will look like a home again as opposed to a house full of half empty boxes of stuff, empty pizza boxes, empty beer cans and laundry needing to be cleaned

  6. Letting christmas fade off to the past and going thru some of my bookmarks…I was here before because I have this blog bookmarked…. But Ido not recognize it, so you must have made some serious changes in the design?

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