I Promised Myself That I Wouldn’t Do This

They say that there’s nothing more boring than watching paint dry.

I disagree.

Someone writing about paint drying has got to be more boring-er.

So I’ll save you that misery.

Instead, witness the comedic stylings of…

Fuck it. Who am I kidding? Nobody, that’s who.

Listen, we (meaning my wife and I) have spent a lot of time working on our new flat hoping that it will be semi-livable in the next week or so. And even though things are working out pretty much according to plan (touch wood) we’re still on the ‘it’ll be a shithole if you move in now’ side of things. We have until the end of the month to get our crap together and have a sorta-decent homestead to call our very own.

Thank goodness for Jett at Letter to America who has graciously volunteered to help me pull up carpet and drag crappy old, left behind furniture down to the curb for pickup on Friday morning. (By the way, Jett doesn’t know this. He thinks he’s coming over for a Chinese and maybe a ‘B’ movie on cable. Heh heh…sucker!)