I Would If I Could

If I could find the digital camera in one of the approximate 47,000 boxes we have lieing lyeing sitting in my fucking way, I’d post some pics of the new flat.

Instead, I’m “doomed” to type away in my new personal “den” area with my new fantastic wireless interwub capability. I shall no longer annoy me wifey with my tap-tap-tapping and swear-swear-swearing when I feel the urge to dump my mental crusties onto the general public (that’s you folks, by the way).

Actually, I’ve got A LOT of mental crusties these days (i.e. work, moving, people being sick, work, bad sandwhiches, work and a little bit of work) but I promise I won’t bore you with the details except to say that about two weeks ago I had a bit of a breakdown.

I’m feeling better now. The flat has been a great distraction and I feel like I’ve done some work that has actual, immediate results (unlike advertising where it’s all guesswork and bullshit. I’ve spilled blood on the floors of this place and it felt fucking GREAT! I have spilled no blood whatsoever at work. That could change, however (but it won’t be mine)).

So that’s where I’ve been. Working on the flat and trying to grow up a bit without strangling people.

It’s a start, I suppose.

Special Update: I am now typing from the “Master Bedroom” of our new flat… sans wires. Yes, I know that the rest of the world has been wireless for upwards of 5 years now but this is new to me. This will probably make my marriage at least .005% better cuz Ruth is instantly driven crazy when I use Skype whilst in the same room as her. Now I should get pretty average results from any room in the flat! This is awesome.

Special Update Number Two: I was just reading through some of the previous comments where people were (slightly) concerned with my health. Let me just update a little and say the following:

1. Blood pressure= textbook (Doctor’s own words)

2. Height= 6 foot 4. (This was a surprise. I thought I was only 6 foot 2.)

3. Weight=182. It seems I am at least 10 pounds UNDERWEIGHT. Sweet!

Thank you for your concern.



  1. Wayne, congrats on being wireless and the clean bill of health. I’m typing this from my back porch, and it’s still awesome, even though I’ve been using it a few years.

    It’s lovely out here, with the grasshoppers chirping, and the 49 degrees Fahrenheit (9C) clear weather. 🙂

  2. You’re lucky!

    We’ve wireless …. but if I typed from my back door/garden, I’d only get two words written and my fingers would freeze. It’s been blowing gale force winds in NI this weekend – enough to force water through the front wall of our house and create damp patches on the bedroom walls 😦

  3. And I’m typing in the dark at work still haven’t got the lights fixed …

  4. Yep, Alan. This past week has been absolutely superb. So glad I got to move during such lovely weather. I feel priviledged.

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