My New Year Begins…………NOW!!!

Here they are.

My New Year Resolutions.

They’re not fancy.

They’re not creative.

But they’re practical and they will hopefully keep me from doing something ever so bad.


1. Get a new job.

2. Don’t kill anyone at my current job.

3. No more booze (did I just say that? Oh shit!)

4. Find my sanity.

5. Get a new job.

I think that ought to do it!

If you can think of anything more, let me know. But I probably won’t listen. I’m too busy finding a new job.



  1. No more booze? What, are you nuts?

    How about “Keep blog template the same for at least 6 mos.”?

  2. Good luck with your resolutions! And I say the less booze the better off you are. LOVE YOUR LIVER!!

    Happy New Year to you and Ruth.

  3. Yup. Booze is out for at least 3 months. I was more or less dry for most of November and December but the Christmas ‘spirit’ (see what I did there?) caught up with me. I am paying a dear price for it today.

    Phil- I would like to keep my template the same for at least 6 months. Maybe I have Bloggers ADHD?

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