Bite My A U.S. of A.

Today, I got my tax forms from America.

And boy, did it piss me off.

America is the ONLY country in the world that taxes their citizens when they live in another country. Let me repeat that. America is the ONLY COUNTRY IN THE WORLD THAT TAXES THEIR CITIZENS WHEN THEY LIVE IN ANOTHER COUNTRY.

Again, this is just another fucked up, selfish, bullshit policy of the USA (God love it) that really pisses me off. And again, it’s just another reason that all the other countries of the world have to hate the U.S. of A.

I seriously thought about renouncing my citizenshipt for tax purposes until I learned that Mr. George W. Bush the Asshole of the Universe had passed an an unwritten law that said anyboy who denounced their citizenship for tax purposes could NEVER visit the United States again.

Please, people. Don’t you see what a shit head this fuck-way Texan is? I mean really? Seriously, don’t you see?


Oh well.



  1. Anybody that abides by their gut as much as George W. Bush, is a dangerous individual. We do have some fucked up economic policies, and I’m sorry you are getting the brunt of it, but to be fair, the cosmos is overflowing with assholes. Dumb asses are worldwide, Wayne.

  2. Thanks for the raise buddy….. I bought a Twix….. Goooooddddd bless Amerrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrica

  3. We need new roads, Wayne, and by God, you’re going to provide them!

  4. You will all notice that none of my New Year resolutions was to be less grumpy.

  5. Hey Wayne,
    Please accept this as an unabashed plug for my new web site.
    I’m still tryin’ to figure out how this stuff works.

  6. Damn it Wayne. Stop bitching. I told Georgey Poo that I want a Mercedez and I’m gonna get one or my name isn’t Monica Lewen…never mind.

  7. Nikki- Sorry. You’re right. I’ll stop bitching (haha! Yeah, right!). Also, my wife found your blog and thinks you’re funny. Trust me, that’s a HUGE compliment. She sure doesn’t think I’m funny.

    Brianf- No problem. Plug all ya want. I shall be checking out your new site anon!

  8. I am flattered. I have always loved the Irish. I even named my son Connor – no, I’m not kidding.

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