Yes, I’m really sick…


Here’s a delightful picture my wife took of me while I was languishing in severe pain and uncomfortability this week. (I’m sick. Oh so ever sick…)

My payback is that she is now sick herself.

Of course that’s not a payback…it’s kinda like an extra punishment. It seems she’s sicker than me (how is that possible????). So it’s up to me to drive to the store and buy her Lucozade and anti-shit-your-pants medicine.

Have you ever wished you were the sickest?

Me neither.

This blows.



  1. Look on the bright side – you get to laze about in your sleeping bag all day, pretending you’re some kind of alien slug creature. Especially fun manouvring up stairs, I find.

  2. Aw, that sucks that you’re sick, but coincidentally, I’ve been under the weather this week as well. A few days ago, it decided to snow, to REALLY snow, and one of the side-effects was that it got absurdly cold, and my room is too small to really fit well the furniture contained therein, so there’s stuff really close to the heaters and I’m not able to use them without taking the risk of burning my house down, but enough about that. I still have to look more thoroughly through your backlog of entries but I’ll get into that process when I get access to a faster connection. BTW, I’ve been planning to record my own pod/vid-cast series ala “Letter to America”, and I’ve been working on establishing resources toward creating that, made accounts on Youtube and other places, but my point is… Er, I forgot. Anyways, get well soon!

  3. Old redneck cure:

    Drink a strong, large shot of white lightening (whiskey or other similar spirits may be substituted), go to bed, wrap up in a heavy blanket and go to sleep. DO NOT uncover when you start sweating…sweat it out. (you may get up however if you need to vomit)

    ….um no, I’ve never done this myself, but I have a husband that swears by it….of course that doesn’t say much seeing as he is a 32 years old man who still takes pride in burping his ABC’s.

  4. *cough cough* thanks *cough* for the helpful *cough* suggestions… I never thought I’d say this but I can’t wait to feel better and get back to work.

  5. Get well soon, Wayne.

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