Say Hello To My Little Friend…


I’m sitting here thinking…

There’s so much to say…

So let’s just get to it, shall we?

I’ve been suffering from Driver’s Alzheimers (I don’t know if that’s spelled right. Probably doesn’t matter cuz if it’s a real disease and I have it I’m automatically excused from spelling it right. BINGO!)

Anyway, there’s been a couple of times this past couple o’ weeks where I’ve driven home but didn’t know where I was. It’s complicated to explain. Let’s just say the sun NEVER shines here so I have no FUCKING idea which way is North, South, East or West. This is my baggage but it doesn’t make my commute home any easier. I could end up in Dublin for all I know.

So… long story short, I went and picked up our new addition to the family (Sparky). I was lucky to find the place and even luckier to find my way home.  But we made it.

He’s a good dog.

He’s asleep now.

I’m gonna stop typing now.



  1. That picture says it all.

    Funny title – Bon went to lunch today at a spot we typically frequent together, and was greeted with “so, where is your little friend?”

    I don’t I’ve ever been referred to as someone’s “little friend” since I was maybe 5.

  2. YAY! A new addition, how exciting for you! In Colorado mountains were always west and I could at least find my way with them. Here in Kansas I have no inner compass and I get lost all the time.

  3. Phil, that was probably photo number 15 (thank God for digital cameras). This is the one he stayed the most still for.

    Sugar- yes, I used to think I had an infallible sense of direction when I lived in Colorado. It honestly is the weirdest feeling when I have these black outs. Luckily, yesterday it was sunny and clear otherwise…well, let’s not think about that.

  4. Well it’s been two days now. Have you changed Sparkys name to; you sommabitch or goddamndog or youlittleshitfactory or maybe the famous goddamnit? As in goddamnit come here or goddamnit stop that.

  5. Brianf- Yes, his name has changed several times.

    He is now:

    Wiggle Worm
    Dr. Weinerstein
    Crack Baby
    Flying Turd
    Bounce Bugger
    Tail Tapper
    Acid Reflux

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