I Wish I Could Quit You!




  1. Hows come Ol’ Sparky has a look in his eyes that say…….
    Hey lady, that thing in your hand, is it a doggie treat?
    It looks like a doggie treat. Can I eat it?
    Can I try to eat it? It could be a doggie treat. Is it a doggie treat?
    Well, I guess a doggie treat could have a flash on it., right?
    Can I eat it anyhow? Is it a doggie treat? It could be. I’m a dog ya’ know. I know doggie treats. Can I have a doggie treat anyways?

  2. What caught me off guard for just a moment was I thought that thing in the foreground was Wayne’s forearm. Eeessh.

  3. The sad thing is I’m wearing the exact sweatshirt right now here at work. I can actually pretend that it’s MY hair falling on the desk.


    (Also, I WISH my forearm was that hairy. It would be like a blood bank. Only for hair. And for my head.)

  4. awwww luuurrrrrvvv

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