Are We Having Fun Yet?

Monday morning.

Haven’t slept.

Saturday night went to blog awards.


Got home at 1 a.m. was up until 4. Dog woke me up at six. He never sleeps.

Went to bed at 3 a.m. Up at 6.

Bad phone call at 8.

Not going to work today.



  1. Where did yourself and Jett disappear to? I recall briefly shaking your hand as the ceremony began and then ye both vanished into the night. Next time you’ll have to stay till Sunday. Get Jett to pay for a room out of that tip jar (or whatever it is) he has on LTA.


  2. Sorry guys. Jett and I had to ‘Jet’ (for lack of a better word) right after the ceremony cuz it’s a long way to Belfast (not just Tipperary). We wanted to talk to you guys but we were a bit depressed and gutted after our loss(es). Also, I wanted to make sure my dog (Sparky) was OK (he was).

    Again, sorry. Nothing personal.

  3. No need to apologise. It would have been nice to have chewed the fat (as I believe the expression goes) with you both for a while but I understand that Belfast is a distant land. We were rootin’ for ye anyway, but (alas) it was not to be.

  4. You must have been tired when you got back, more time traveling than not that evening. Stay the night, no?

    Unfortunately I didnt get to say hi, Manage to stop Jett in his tracks in a brief moment when he didn’t have the mic in his hand.

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