Happy St. Patrick’s Day!


Today’s the day that everybody, including the Pope and Osama Bin Ladin (sp?) is Irish. God knows my hair turned ginger today in celebration of the day that some imaginary missionary scared/lead/poisoned all the snakes in Ireland. I will attest to the fact that there are no snakes here and if there were I would’ve stomped them to death my very own self. I’m freaky that way. I hate anything phallic slithering across the grass…

Anyway, Jett and I went to the big ass celebratory celebrations in good ol’ Belfast today and here are my shitty pics. (My digital cam is super slow on the uptake and there’s a good 2 second lag time between my pressing the snap button and the time the piece of lardo actually takes the picture. This is my excuse. And I stand by it.)


They were expecting something around 5,000 people to enjoy the aural delights of such world smashing hit makers Samantha Mumba, BoySkinz, some gay boy band and Sandi Thom. We didn’t hang around that long. I had to go to the bathroom. Maybe more people showed up. I don’t know.




Wow. Pretty exciting hey?

Tune into Letter to America and hear all about our crazy adventures.

(Trust me. Our adventures are better than my pics. I promise.)



  1. Happy belated St. Patrick’s Day, Wayne. 🙂

  2. Wayne, I can’t belive you were wearing an orange tie and plaid shirt on St. Paddy’s Day. I hope your wife was able to get you off the floor and into bed.
    Did you have a headache after drinking that huge bottle of whiskey?
    What did Crack Weasel think of your drunkin’ tomfoolery?

  3. ive been in belfast on st patricks day for the last 15 years, and ive never seen the parade. The pubs are much more interesting, though i did meet two americans in the crown bar on paddys day , and i kid you not they prayed in front of me, in one of the booths while i supped my pint.

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