The Most Hated Family in America


Cut to the chase. Here’s the link to the BBC article.

All schooled up and ready to talk? Good.

These people are the most disturbed, hateful, fucked in the head, sons of bitches (well, most are daughters) you will ever meet. These are the people that get exposure over here in Great Britain and make foreigners think that all American’s are Kuh-Razy!!!

Unfortunately, these Phelps aren’t that extreme. Not really.

That’s what I, personally, find sad. I watched the documentary and I sympathized with them in a way.

I knew where they were coming from because of my upbringing.

I could smooth with their move.

I could jive with their vibe.

That’s why I no longer belong to any organized religion. They all fuck with your head and tell you things that don’t make sense and when you challenge them they say, “Well, it’s a question of faith, isn’t it?”

No. It’s not a question of faith.

It’s a question of facts. They don’t have any. They can’t prove a thing.

So bite me, Phelps family. And enjoy your time in Heaven cuz, according to you, you’re going to be the only ones there.

Won’t that be fun!

Jesus Christ…



  1. Reminds me of a fanatical Islamic sect that decided that only they themselves were pure enough for god and that the entire world should be obliterated. Nice.

  2. Wayne buddy, pal…….These people are nuts, looney, out of touch with reality. They came to Harrisburg last summer. I heard them on talk radio and on TV. They showed up for a media blitz a week before protesting the burial of a soldier. I went to the military cemetary to help protect the family of the soldier being buried.
    These lunatics idea of Christanity is wrong, simply wrong. It is not an interpretation of it is a twisting of it.
    There is a very large veterens organisation, all over the country, dedicated to keeping these fuckers away from military funerals. They found themselves about a mile and half from the funeral and surrounded by about 75 to 100 motorcycles. This group stopped in the road and dissallowed them from reaching the funeral. They were kept there until the funeral was over. If they wish to exercise their 1st amendment rights then they are going to meet up with others who wish to exercise theirs as well. There was no violence or any contact with the looney family at all. These goofballs have the right to think anything they want to but normal people have the same rights also and sometimes the normal people win.

  3. Good God.

    I’ve never even heard of these people.

    But I will say one thing…..they don’t ever, EVER want me to catch them picketing at a soldiers funeral.

    I wouldn’t mind spending a couple of nights in the clink from cleaning their clock. The bastards.

  4. I really wish I could have seen the show. I saw the article the other day. I see the Phelps family at least once a week. Depending upon the day they are in front of the theatre, in front of the library, etc. It’s very disheartening particularly when they have the very little children holding the signs. It really makes one wonder about organized religion.

  5. I always thought the Trumps were the most hated.

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