Goin’ Frog Huntin’

I’m chipping away at a huge slab of writer’s muck and crud here.

Not really sure when I last had writer’s block this severe but, boy howdy, am I stumped. I seem to have lost my ability to type, think or spell- it’s quite the sensation and I can’t pinpoint the moment it descended (well, I suppose the date of my last post would give me an idea but I’m feeling too guilty to check (why do I feel guilty? It’s damn blog. It’s not like I get paid to do this)) but I decided to do something to shake it.

That’s right.

It’s travel time!

Inspired by the Easter weekend back to back to back to back broadcasts of National Lampoon’s Vacation and European Vacation the wife and I decided to feed the Spring Fever and book a trip to (ugh…I can’t believe I’m typing this) Paris.

I’m having some mixed feelings about this summers first destination (we’re gonna try to go back to the States for a couple of weeks in August- but we’ll have to see). I’ve been to Paris before and I hated every single 480 minutes of the 8 hours I was stranded there.

The people were rude, transvestites with real woman diddies and manly five o’clock shadows spit on my shoes, I was sent off on the wrong train when I was hunting down the Eiffel Tower and I got conned by a street performer. I won’t even begin to describe the trauma I suffered when I tried to take a crap in the train station toilet.

Anyway, tickets are bought the four star hotel ‘in the shadow of the Eiffel Tower’ is booked and I’m actually excited.

I must be crazy.


1 Comment

  1. I feel sorry for you, really.

    At least they have the Louvre, which is pretty cool. And King Louis’s pimped-out castle is not bad either.

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