Something to Entertain You While I Sleep the Night Away

Still working on the French picture stuff.

I promise to get the pics to the max soon.

While yer waiting I should point out that I probably would have been more enthused about a lot of things- I mean I just had a great vacation and came back totally charged up and I would normally bust my balls to upload all the great pics I took.

But the Big Fat Dog (my boss) ruined it all during a meeting today when he told the Art Director (and I quote directly) that “You’re no fucking use to me.”

This is the shit I put up with.

It makes me feel like I should just walk away.

It’s not a happy place where I work and I’m gearing more and more to exposing this ass-pile-fuck-force the longer I stay there/here.

But Northern Ireland is a small place.

No matter where you shit, it’s where you eat.

So you gotta be cool.

I’m working on getting out but I want to make sure that I hurt/don’t hurt the most people possible when I do. (But I want to NOT hurt anyone at the same time, you dig?)




(UPDATE: Jesus, I bitch a lot, don’t I?)


Back to the Grind…DAMMIT

Just stepped in the door.

Took lots of pics of Gay Paris and will spend the next couple of days downloading and uploading.

Too tired to talk.

Must sleep now…

Au Revoir

We are literally heading out the door to catch our flight to Paris as I type this. (OK. That’s bullshit. I’m waiting for the wife to finish the dishes and then I’m loading all the doggy crap into the car so he doesn’t go insane at the in-laws over the weekend.)

We’re back on Tuesday night.

God, I need this holiday.

Over and out!

Just a Little Test

This is my experiment with YouTube.

Not sure if it will work.

But this is my dog.

This is Sparky.

Hi Sparky!

Good boy!

(BTW. This video is not meant to be funny or cute or sentimental. I’m just looking to see what, how, if, why I could start doing my own nonsense videos online. Oh, you know what I’m talkin’ about!!!)

YouTube – Every Car You Chase

It’s the weekend (for me anyway. I’m on vacation! Wooo-Hooo!).

I thought this was kinda cool but I risk becoming the old guy who tries to be cool and therefore makes it uncool to all the cool kids in cool land where everyone is cool because they’re uncool.

Cool kids of today, rebel!

(Don’t listen to me, goddamn it! I’m just an old copywriter who doesn’t know what he’s doing, yet I try to sell you shit like trips to Belfast and ski holidays to France or something. DON’T BE UNCOOL. YOUR LIFE DEPENDS ON IT!!!!)

(UPDATE: Sorry, I didn’t realize I posted some crappy home video montage. Either way, it was the song that I thought was pretty cool. Sorry if you sat through the “Ain’t My Kids Precious” video. This is the one I meant to steal post.)

France, French, Francais… Fuck off!




The wife and I are leaving on Friday.

I’m totally looking forward to our Dan Brown Da Vinci Code experience. We leave on Friday (shhhhh! I’m taking Thursday off too. You don’t need to know why).

The thing is, I think snails are gross.

I stomp on them in my dainty little ‘welly boots’ every time I take the Champion Dog of the World out for a piss in our back garden. They (the snails) add nothing to my everyday existence (I’m very shallow). I hate them (the snails) even tho’ the Frogs (the French) eat them (garden snails) all the time (weirdos).

In Paris, I’m expected to eat them (the same garden snails I stomp upon).

I’ve had es cargo (that doesn’t seem right but that’s what Firefox suggests) before and it was, in my professional experience, “ok”. It kinda just tasted like rubbery garlic, but maybe that was just me.

But in gay Paris those dirt eating squishy slugs are a tried and true delicacy.

Either way, I’m gonna have fun.

(Even if I starve to death.)

YouTube – Hips dont lie

I just never get tired of this. *sigh*