I Have A Special Treat in Store

I’m not trying to bait you with an empty blog promise, but I found something last night that I thought was forever lost during one of the umpteen million times I’ve moved in my life. Hopefully, I’ll be able to post it tomorrow or the next day (what day is it anyway? Damn these early mornings are taking their toll on me).

Speaking of early mornings, I now have two reasons for rising and attempting to shine at the ungodly hour of 5. (Well, ok. I don’t actually get out of bed at 5 but I’m most certainly awake and I can’t physically keep myself in bed past 6)

One reason, is, of course , Sparky the Crack Weazle and His Amazing Microscopic Bladder, the other is that since I am the only copywriter at the agency I’m finding myself needing to be at the office early so I can barely keep up with the jobs coming in.

As I’ve said before, I nearly lost it completely a couple of months back (maybe someday I’ll go into detail- not now) and I’m trying to keep myself from slipping back into the Bad Place where my evil twin reigns and does nasty things like making Account Handlers cry and farting at my desk to ward off other annoying people (I actually cleared the studio the other day with a strategically placed ass-ripper. I was quite proud of myself. That client won’t be harassing me anytime soon.).

Now, where was I? Oh yeah. I found something and it might give you an insight as to why I turned out to be the so-called writer I am today and how somethings never change.



  1. Well?

  2. WWWwwwwweellllllllllllllll???

    Looks like an empty promise to me.

  3. Guys. Guys! It’s coming! I promise! I’m working on it now. I originally wanted to scan this in but with work being so crazy at the moment I had to resort to ye ol’ digi-cam. It ain’t pretty but it works…

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