YouTube – Every Car You Chase

It’s the weekend (for me anyway. I’m on vacation! Wooo-Hooo!).

I thought this was kinda cool but I risk becoming the old guy who tries to be cool and therefore makes it uncool to all the cool kids in cool land where everyone is cool because they’re uncool.

Cool kids of today, rebel!

(Don’t listen to me, goddamn it! I’m just an old copywriter who doesn’t know what he’s doing, yet I try to sell you shit like trips to Belfast and ski holidays to France or something. DON’T BE UNCOOL. YOUR LIFE DEPENDS ON IT!!!!)

(UPDATE: Sorry, I didn’t realize I posted some crappy home video montage. Either way, it was the song that I thought was pretty cool. Sorry if you sat through the “Ain’t My Kids Precious” video. This is the one I meant to steal post.)



  1. This reminds me of a time when Sting was cool. I mean, I guess he’s still cool – but his songs are now sadly lame. Not this one though. It’s still cool.

  2. Yes.

    You and I think it’s cool.

    But we are not 12-18 years old. We do not count — unless we’re the target audience for bleach cleanser and hemorrhoid cream (well, we are but that’s not who they’re selling to) .

    We are irrelevant as far as reaching the masses is concerned.

    Cus we’re old.

    And grumpy.

    (Tis true!)

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