Just a Little Test

This is my experiment with YouTube.

Not sure if it will work.

But this is my dog.

This is Sparky.

Hi Sparky!

Good boy!

(BTW. This video is not meant to be funny or cute or sentimental. I’m just looking to see what, how, if, why I could start doing my own nonsense videos online. Oh, you know what I’m talkin’ about!!!)



  1. I love it!

    I think a whole series should be devoted to Sparky and his antics.

  2. I’m thinking about it. I shot this with my wife’s new digital camera. Mine just doesn’t do the trick (no mic). I’m gonna jam up on my video editing and maybe join the current trend of ‘Broadcasting Myself’. Will have to see…

  3. Cool.

    Good quality, too.

  4. Yeah, it looks alright. Gonna try something later today. Hopefully it won’t take forever to upload.

    Fingers crossed!

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