Something to Entertain You While I Sleep the Night Away

Still working on the French picture stuff.

I promise to get the pics to the max soon.

While yer waiting I should point out that I probably would have been more enthused about a lot of things- I mean I just had a great vacation and came back totally charged up and I would normally bust my balls to upload all the great pics I took.

But the Big Fat Dog (my boss) ruined it all during a meeting today when he told the Art Director (and I quote directly) that “You’re no fucking use to me.”

This is the shit I put up with.

It makes me feel like I should just walk away.

It’s not a happy place where I work and I’m gearing more and more to exposing this ass-pile-fuck-force the longer I stay there/here.

But Northern Ireland is a small place.

No matter where you shit, it’s where you eat.

So you gotta be cool.

I’m working on getting out but I want to make sure that I hurt/don’t hurt the most people possible when I do. (But I want to NOT hurt anyone at the same time, you dig?)




(UPDATE: Jesus, I bitch a lot, don’t I?)



  1. Good boy, sparky!!

  2. He IS a good boy!

  3. That post is so gay.

  4. WordPress is so gay it put the above comment in this post and not the one it was suppose to be in and that is Soooooo gay.

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