We’ll Always Have Paris…

Sorry, kids.

This is it.

I’m done.

See ya.

I’ve started another blog but I don’t want anyone who’s anyone to be able to find me.

I’m gonna leave this site up for another week and then I’m gonna pull the plug.

I need a new job and I don’t need them to see the shit I’ve writ.

And I don’t need anyone from my famdamly to read shit into the shit I writ.

I want/need a clean start and I don’t want anyone to know who I am. In fact,  like I said, I’ve already started a new blog. So that’s where I’ll be.

If you beg, I might let you know where I live cyber-ly. But maybe not. (You gotta ask SUPER NICE.)

Anyway. Nice knowing you.

Sort of.


Death Becomes Me

As I get closer and closer to the inevitable pseudo heart-stabbing of this blog, I look back with a sort of sadness.


Oh why did I expose so many personal details?

Why did I let out my most personal feelings?

Why haven’t I exposed my current employer as the scrotum-fisting-ass-chompering-dick-fuck-twats that they are? ((I mean more so?)

Why do people believe every goddamn thing they read on the interwubs?

Yes, it’s true true believers- this blog is gonna die.


It has to.

Lots of reasons.

1. Work people’s have found it and if they found it than many/all potential employers will find it. I can’t afford that. Really. (I mean have you seen the fucking interest rates and the sky-high cost of living over here? Jebus!)

2. Family has found it. What’s the point of making/creating a character that can actually speak the unadulterated truth without some family member finding and reporting back to dad without really understanding what it is that I’m doing? Fuck that. I need freedom and I need to spout shit without wondering who’ll read it.


Time’s up.

I’m gonna continue blogging but it’ll be anonymous.

Maybe I’ll leave (or have left) some clues so that the die-hards (all 3 of you) can find me. Other than that, you can expect me to leave this space in the next couple o’days.

It’s been fun.

(No. Looking back, it really hasn’t. That’s why I’m goin’ for a change.)

See ya.

(Or maybe not.)

It’s Like Looking Into a Mirror

Boys Family Upset At Unflattering Awards – Education News Story – WCAU | Philadelphia

I’m having TOTAL flashbacks on this. Only in my case I wasn’t given the desirable title of “Sir Clowns-A-Lot” (I actually kind of like that. Maybe I’ll start a new blog with that as my title…).


Instead, my fifth grade teacher made up a “Popularity Test” which was an actual written exam the entire class had to take because the teach got pissed off when we locked one of the girls in the boy’s bathroom. For once, this action was not instigated by me and I was appalled that the result was a humiliating test.

I got a “D” by the way.

And I will never forget you Mr. Crowder.


Another New Obsession?

Today I spent most of my time here.

I even managed to ask a question that (at last count) got 334 answers.

I think that’s pretty good for an old guy who’s not so hip/hep/cool anymore. It means I’m branching out but still touching the souls of the younger generation. (I asked a question about how many people you (well not you specifically (but then again, not unspecifically)) fucked during your hedonistic college life.

Off the record, I’m guessing a LOT.

You just strike me as being the slutty type.


wis.dm is a great place to kill an entire day- but I’m not so sure about its’ sticking power. Will I come back to it time and time again?


But that’s only because my job is really, really, REALLY fucking boring and pointless.

And besides, the site is better than My Space (snore! oooh, you have a band! Please fuck me!) but I can’t compare it to Facebook (never been there (don’t want to go there. (I’m an old man, dammit!))).

Anyway, check out wis.dm and let me know what you think.

It’s sort of fun.

(BTW…You can find my thinly disguised profile if you know anything about “Bloom County” (I won’t give any more hints .)).

Happy hunting!

UPDATE: My stellar question is up to 1035 responses and landed me on the front page. I rock! You hear me kids! Us old people ROCK!

Paris Part Sex (I Mean SIX)


Dumb ass! Did you actually watch that?


That video has nothing to do with Paris and EVERYTHING to do with the argument to my wife that I absolutely, unconditionally NEED a new digital camera. I mean, no sound? What the fuck? This video is shit!

I suppose the next question is : Does this post have anything to do with Paris?

Well, let me take a few mo’s to sift through some more pics and then I’ll give you an answer. I mean, we’ve already established the fact that Christian art (particularly Catholic art) has always been in massive gayness denial.

Let’s see if there was any hetero counter-painting action going on.

Oh my! I think I have just the painting!

Here it is:

You wouldn’t know by looking at this, but the kid on the right (who was ALL GUY) spent a good half hour or so staring/gaping/licking the above painting. He ran around showing parents/friends/creepy strangers (myself) this amazing image.

His laughter was infectious.

His smile engaging.

His hormones…off the fucking scale. (I mean, it’s a painting! It’s not the real thing! Playboy even shows their faces and stuff, I tried to tell him…)

Anyway, the Christian art wasn’t all gay. In fact, there’s a lot of boobies to counteract all my nonsense babbling bullshit.

I’m just trying to inform you all that the “Church” lies and the “Humanists” lie and we “All lie” and that I really want to “lie” down and take a nap.

Paris Part the Fifth


I’m looking back at my last couple of posts and I’m feeling a certain vibe. I should probably explain where this angry ‘tood’ is coming from. But, you know what? I’m not going to. Not yet.

I really don’t feel like explaining anything anymore. I’m tired of backing up every opinion/fact/thought to every jack ass sucking worm turd fart knocker (i.e. every boss I’ve ever had).

I’m a smart guy.

I can video people like this little Dancing Frog and upload it to YouTube!

I’ve got skilzzzz!

And I went to college something like three times! I’m totally qualified to spot a shithead (that was covered in my first semester of sociology (by the way- sociology is NOT a real subject. It’s all made up. Might as well study religion. I’m just saying…))

Anyway, let’s say that the anger I’m feeling now has a direct target. And I can’t tell you how good that feels. The last six months have been something of a blur to me (again, I’ll explain later) and to feel pure, delicious, meaty piss-off-ed-ness is the most amazing thing EVER.

I totally can’t explain it.

I no longer feel overwhelming panic attacks. I feel DIRECT killer insticts.

And it fucking ROCKS.

Anyhoooo… The pic above (waaaaay above, like at the start, dude) was taken at the tunnel that Princess Diana was killed in. I kinda thought that maybe… Oh, I wasn’t thinking at all.

I’m just a morbid son of a bitch.

Paris Part IV- The Goodness of the Pic Stuffs

I was tempted to take down the Paris Part Trois post because it seemed a bit crazy and angry. In fact, I considered killing this blog altogether because I was afraid people, family, friends, weirdos might think that I’m a violent anti-Christian, anti-gay, anti-human type o’ guy.

That’s not true.

I’m simply a violent anti-religion, anti-dumb ass type o’ guy (a bit redundant, Iknow. But…whatever).

I pointed out the homo-erotic aspect of the Italian art because I find it sooooooo hypocritical that this art was accepted as holy (like most Christian propaganda). Now we treat gays and lesbians like lepers even though they were obviously some of the most important early “Christian” artists.


This ancient carving (considered by art experts around the world to be the penultimate representation of a killer weapon of mass destruction) was discovered by my wife and I on a simple bench in the heart of Paris. Whoever scribbled this was surely a man of a manly God.

Behold! The Arch de Triumph! You’ve never seen a picture of it before so thank your lucky stars that I was there to capture the unique opportunity to capture it in shitty low-res! (This has nothing to do with homosexual Christian artists- it’s just a standard tourist pic that you were probably expecting.)

(You’re welcome.)

Enough boring tourist pics! Have a gander at the gayest Christ pic of all time:

Seriously. Look at this. It’s considered a great work of art and boy is it gay and Christians probably think it’s awesome. But look! Man on man action left, right and center! Let’s have another look:

Remember, everyone in this painting is a MAN. (Notice the dude with the camera (not in the painting, you moron. The guy snickering in the real world). He obviously sees the humor and irony. He’s tuned in, man. Groovy!)

All of these highly artistic paintings were taken here:

This is the Musea Musee Museum De Orsey (or some such fucking French spelling).

And now I’m done for today.

(Jesus. I wish I could figure out what’s cool or not. What’s up with that? Hello? Jesus? I’m asking You a question…)