Paris Part Trois (I Think That Means “Three”)


If there was ever any question about the homo erotic aspect of much of the so-called “art” concerning the Lord Jesus Christ and how he died for all your sins- like forgetting to wash the dishes (which really pisses off your wife/husband/life partner/dog) this icon/monument/carving/whatever should answer all your questions.

He’s down with it.

He’s cool.

He’s God, man.


No questions asked. Just make sure you pinch the nipple of Our Lord.

Problem solved!

(That was easy! Sorry Jesus! I mean, Thank You!!!)


Whey Hey!

Boobs are good (just look at this) and have been since the beginning of time (I assume. I mean…Boobs! They’re AWESOME).

Even if you’re a fucked up Young Earth Creationist, you have to agree with me that boobs rock (but then, if you ARE a YEC, boobs are only 5,000 years old. I say something as cool and perfect as boobs take at least 1,000,000 years to really reach their full, able bodied, totally sexy, soft, sexy, luxurious, sexy, round but not too round perfection. (Maybe I’m focusing too much on Jessica Alba’s boobs. (OMG). (Hillary Clinton boobs were probably formed over a casual lunch. Nothing special there.))

This (no, I don’t know what I’m talking about anymore) does not apply to the Jesus boobs at the start of this post (Jesus boobs???).

Manboobs evolve almost instantaneously, normally during an episode of any Adult Swim broadcast especially when viewed after the age of 35 and after 3 or 4 beers (what the hell am I going on about???).

Where were these glorious low-res craptacular pics taken? At Notre Dame of course.

It looks like this:


Stay tuned for more funtacular fun time nonsense.

I’m just getting started!

I mean, look at this scary shit!