Paris Part IV- The Goodness of the Pic Stuffs

I was tempted to take down the Paris Part Trois post because it seemed a bit crazy and angry. In fact, I considered killing this blog altogether because I was afraid people, family, friends, weirdos might think that I’m a violent anti-Christian, anti-gay, anti-human type o’ guy.

That’s not true.

I’m simply a violent anti-religion, anti-dumb ass type o’ guy (a bit redundant, Iknow. But…whatever).

I pointed out the homo-erotic aspect of the Italian art because I find it sooooooo hypocritical that this art was accepted as holy (like most Christian propaganda). Now we treat gays and lesbians like lepers even though they were obviously some of the most important early “Christian” artists.


This ancient carving (considered by art experts around the world to be the penultimate representation of a killer weapon of mass destruction) was discovered by my wife and I on a simple bench in the heart of Paris. Whoever scribbled this was surely a man of a manly God.

Behold! The Arch de Triumph! You’ve never seen a picture of it before so thank your lucky stars that I was there to capture the unique opportunity to capture it in shitty low-res! (This has nothing to do with homosexual Christian artists- it’s just a standard tourist pic that you were probably expecting.)

(You’re welcome.)

Enough boring tourist pics! Have a gander at the gayest Christ pic of all time:

Seriously. Look at this. It’s considered a great work of art and boy is it gay and Christians probably think it’s awesome. But look! Man on man action left, right and center! Let’s have another look:

Remember, everyone in this painting is a MAN. (Notice the dude with the camera (not in the painting, you moron. The guy snickering in the real world). He obviously sees the humor and irony. He’s tuned in, man. Groovy!)

All of these highly artistic paintings were taken here:

This is the Musea Musee Museum De Orsey (or some such fucking French spelling).

And now I’m done for today.

(Jesus. I wish I could figure out what’s cool or not. What’s up with that? Hello? Jesus? I’m asking You a question…)