Paris Part Sex (I Mean SIX)


Dumb ass! Did you actually watch that?


That video has nothing to do with Paris and EVERYTHING to do with the argument to my wife that I absolutely, unconditionally NEED a new digital camera. I mean, no sound? What the fuck? This video is shit!

I suppose the next question is : Does this post have anything to do with Paris?

Well, let me take a few mo’s to sift through some more pics and then I’ll give you an answer. I mean, we’ve already established the fact that Christian art (particularly Catholic art) has always been in massive gayness denial.

Let’s see if there was any hetero counter-painting action going on.

Oh my! I think I have just the painting!

Here it is:

You wouldn’t know by looking at this, but the kid on the right (who was ALL GUY) spent a good half hour or so staring/gaping/licking the above painting. He ran around showing parents/friends/creepy strangers (myself) this amazing image.

His laughter was infectious.

His smile engaging.

His hormones…off the fucking scale. (I mean, it’s a painting! It’s not the real thing! Playboy even shows their faces and stuff, I tried to tell him…)

Anyway, the Christian art wasn’t all gay. In fact, there’s a lot of boobies to counteract all my nonsense babbling bullshit.

I’m just trying to inform you all that the “Church” lies and the “Humanists” lie and we “All lie” and that I really want to “lie” down and take a nap.



  1. the video and the painting were mesmerizing.

  2. I thought you would say that, Phil.

    Thank you.

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