Another New Obsession?

Today I spent most of my time here.

I even managed to ask a question that (at last count) got 334 answers.

I think that’s pretty good for an old guy who’s not so hip/hep/cool anymore. It means I’m branching out but still touching the souls of the younger generation. (I asked a question about how many people you (well not you specifically (but then again, not unspecifically)) fucked during your hedonistic college life.

Off the record, I’m guessing a LOT.

You just strike me as being the slutty type.

Anyway… is a great place to kill an entire day- but I’m not so sure about its’ sticking power. Will I come back to it time and time again?


But that’s only because my job is really, really, REALLY fucking boring and pointless.

And besides, the site is better than My Space (snore! oooh, you have a band! Please fuck me!) but I can’t compare it to Facebook (never been there (don’t want to go there. (I’m an old man, dammit!))).

Anyway, check out and let me know what you think.

It’s sort of fun.

(BTW…You can find my thinly disguised profile if you know anything about “Bloom County” (I won’t give any more hints .)).

Happy hunting!

UPDATE: My stellar question is up to 1035 responses and landed me on the front page. I rock! You hear me kids! Us old people ROCK!



  1. And now we have to trawl through to find your question!

  2. I have now posted a question.

  3. Thanks for pointing out this site, I asked a question already! šŸ™‚

  4. I just got an invitation to join the dating version of
    it’s a trip… not entirely un-creepy.

  5. I only got 17 answers for my question “would you have intercourse with Chewbacca for $500,000.00?”.

    83% said “no”.

  6. I couldn’t find anyone named Opus!

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