Death Becomes Me

As I get closer and closer to the inevitable pseudo heart-stabbing of this blog, I look back with a sort of sadness.


Oh why did I expose so many personal details?

Why did I let out my most personal feelings?

Why haven’t I exposed my current employer as the scrotum-fisting-ass-chompering-dick-fuck-twats that they are? ((I mean more so?)

Why do people believe every goddamn thing they read on the interwubs?

Yes, it’s true true believers- this blog is gonna die.


It has to.

Lots of reasons.

1. Work people’s have found it and if they found it than many/all potential employers will find it. I can’t afford that. Really. (I mean have you seen the fucking interest rates and the sky-high cost of living over here? Jebus!)

2. Family has found it. What’s the point of making/creating a character that can actually speak the unadulterated truth without some family member finding and reporting back to dad without really understanding what it is that I’m doing? Fuck that. I need freedom and I need to spout shit without wondering who’ll read it.


Time’s up.

I’m gonna continue blogging but it’ll be anonymous.

Maybe I’ll leave (or have left) some clues so that the die-hards (all 3 of you) can find me. Other than that, you can expect me to leave this space in the next couple o’days.

It’s been fun.

(No. Looking back, it really hasn’t. That’s why I’m goin’ for a change.)

See ya.

(Or maybe not.)



  1. while I understand, it will be hard to see the ‘Wayne Ordinary America’ persona fade away – tho’ I realize he will still be around in auditory form.

  2. Good for you! Hey, you didn’t accept my friend request on youtube. What will I do without Wayneorama? I need to complete my LTA trinity, I think of Phil as the Holy Spirit… I suppose I should re-word that. How about ‘evil trinity’?

  3. It’s SugarPixie35, btw.

  4. Wow I am honored –

    Personally, the Holy Spirit is the coolest of the Trinity…no one knows much about Him/It – but He/It’s got lots of powers and kind of works behind the scenes….doesn’t take a lot of credit. But you want some first borns whacked? Zap!! Consider it done.

  5. Holy Ghost!


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