We’ll Always Have Paris…

Sorry, kids.

This is it.

I’m done.

See ya.

I’ve started another blog but I don’t want anyone who’s anyone to be able to find me.

I’m gonna leave this site up for another week and then I’m gonna pull the plug.

I need a new job and I don’t need them to see the shit I’ve writ.

And I don’t need anyone from my famdamly to read shit into the shit I writ.

I want/need a clean start and I don’t want anyone to know who I am. In fact,  like I said, I’ve already started a new blog. So that’s where I’ll be.

If you beg, I might let you know where I live cyber-ly. But maybe not. (You gotta ask SUPER NICE.)

Anyway. Nice knowing you.

Sort of.



  1. thanks wayne, i enjoyed your blog and like all good things it had to end sometime

  2. Good luck with the new job Wayne.

    Feeding the family is what counts.

  3. Missin’ you ‘lready – have fun with the new blog.

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