I’m Back Even Though I Never Really Left



Yes. I’m a big pussy-bag wimp who just can’t stay away.

Oh, how I tried to do something different but the fact that I just can’t lie (thanks, you fuck twat Christian Reformed Church A-hole upbringing) means I had to run back and rescue my old domain.

I can’t be nobody but me.

Just can’t do it.

Hopefully, I’ve ditched some of the annoying leaches that clung to me before. If they find me again, well… fuck it, I guess. If my boss finds this, well… fuck you Fatboy, you already gave me a raise (thanks, by the way!).

Anyhoo, I’m back and I’m gonna try to hold back on my bitching.

Some things to note:

  1. I still HATE organized religion. (If I’m going to believe in gold-lined streets, I’d better be able to chisel the fuckin street up and sell it for a profit. Just like Dick “Dick” Cheney.)
  2. I still believe “Dubya” is the most corrupt, evil, fucktard, shit-licking, cock-slap president we’ve ever had.
  3. American’s don’t give a shit that the Constitution is being stolen away from them/us.
  4. Dog’s rule.

That’s about it for now.



  1. Thus sayeth the blogger known as CyberScribe ‘As a prodigal who has returned thou art welcome back to the blogofold’:-)

  2. Welcome back Wayne, I knew checking this old url would work out one day.

  3. I’m an old softie at heart, I guess. Thanks guys!

  4. We’re glad you’re back … particularly since I lost the link to the other site!

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