Today I Think I Love You More…

Disregard the headline.

I hate all of you!

Ha! Just joking. (Sort of. Depends on who “you” are. If you’re just the normal surfing folk, well, then… ignore everything…)

Today, I had the rare opportunity to use my sickness to dispose of our monthly alcoholic bottle accumulation. When I say “use” I mean I was able to stop coughing long enough to recycle a couple of booze containers. Trust me. We do not drink that much. One month’s of drinking activity amounts to the following:

1. 2 bottles of white wine (the wife’s).

2. 2 half bottles of vodka (mine).

So, because I’m not feeling great (sinus infection), I told the wife that I would toss said recyclable bottles at the local Tesco store today on my way to buy contact lens solution (cuz that’s what you do when you’re sick). I told my wife that it would look funny. I mean an unshaven guy dumping booze bottles on a Tuesday? Looks like an unemployed loser to me!

She said, “So what?”

Well! It turns out that my neurotic outlook is not so neurotic after all! People really do stare at you and think you have a serious drinking problem simply because you’re dumping bottles early in the day. Especially a Tuesday.

I dumped our bottles, went into the Tesco, bought the fucking contact lens solution and escaped back to the car where little ol’ Sparky the Wonder Dog was waiting. (I did, however, give a pound to the crazy woman in the parking lot. Local legend says that she lost her 3 sons in a house fire and now she walks around the Tesco parking lot asking for money to pay for her food. Whenever she comes into direct contact with me, I always fork over some dough. She seems sad.)

I’m not sure where this is headed. I guess it’s just a day in the life.


I’m not dead.

Despite what some folk might want you to believe. 


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