Spring Cleaning in August…

Today, we (my wife and I) took it upon ourselves to clean the living shit out of our dingy, dungy, dusty apartment/flat.

We had to.

We were tripping over things.

It made me feel better because over the last couple of weeks a ton of shit has cost us a ton of money.

The short version:

My Nintendo Wii graphics card went Ka-Ka Krazy: 12$ shipping and handling.

Cable box went Coo-Coo-Crazy: Free. After you deduct the time off work waiting for cable guy to show up…

TV blew up: $150 for estimate and repair.

Windshield  wipers broke: $300.

And for the winner: the goddamn fuel pump went out yesterday. I will not go into details on how I magically managed to escape a repair bill of (probably) $600.

Let’s just say, “Karma, I think we’re even. Truce?”

(Jebus Cristo! I’m tired…)


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