Liar, liar, pants on fire!!!

People here bitch CONSTANTLY about the weather.

It’s true.

However, this summer I’m joining the throngs and I will now add me voice to the bitchy crowds who agree, “This summer sucks the back balls of all that is human and good.”

I’m just saying…

To add to my dismay and confusion this is the current weather “forecast”:


You see that? It says it’s a rainy and shitty (11 degrees centigrade is roughly 52 degrees Fahrenheit (that’s SHITTY for August 7th, no matter where you are)).

But have a look at this:



This was taken approximately 3 seconds after I took a pic of the bullshit forecast/”nowcast” of the internet.

Clear and blue.


And definitely warmer than 11 degrees Canadian (or whatever).

In fact, the aforementioned prediction/have-you-looked-outside-you-dildo-cast did not foresee me dripping sweat as I took Sparky the WunderVeazle for his nightly constitution in the sweltering muck/fog/humidity that is Northern Ireland.

I find this to be a serious chink in the Weather Channel Armor.

To tell the truth, tonight was actually quite pleasant and dry.

Not a drop of rain.

No brisk winds.

No windy winds.

Anyway, I don’t want to bitch.

But for fuck’s sake, can’t somebody come up with something like a freaking accurate weather forecast?

I’m just saying.


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