I Hear You Brother

I was looking at my search terms and, amazingly (or maybe not so ‘amazingly’) one of the biggest search queries for this blog was “The Christian Reformed Church Sucks”.

Oh man.

Don’t get me started.

(Big hearty pause… Have a drink. Get to know your neighbor!)

And because you didn’t get me started, I will hold back.

I won’t go totally fucking ballistic on a religion that’s got it’s fucking theology so far up its fucking anal retentive gay hating life despising women hating children hostage holding life sucks and you WILL BE PUNISHED FOR EVERY GODDAMN MOTHER FUCKING THING YOU DO INCLUDING SHITTING AND BREATHING-Way-Of-Life-Lifestyle.

Nope. I won’t say a word.

But write me if you’re feeling guilty.

I know how you feel.


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