Time Keeps On Slipping Into the Future

Sorry everyone (all three of you).

Got a bit distracted with life and all that it has to offer (free oranges with every purchase!) but here I am to tell you the most important thing you’ll ever need to know this week:

The new Foo Fighters album “Echoes, Silence, Patience & Grace” totally fucking ROCKS!!!

Been a long time since I’ve rocked it like a hurricane but listening to this album brings me back to the head banging days. (These days, head banging is followed by a doctors visit for neck pain. (True stories: I knocked my hip outta joint at a Cheap Trick concert (don’t ask) and suffered whiplash after a Weezer concert.))

Anyway, I’m still here and I still have a few things to say. Sorry it’s been awhile. Gotta get a few things straightened out in my life.

In the meantime…




  1. Always nice to get excited about a record. I love the Killers, not much else. Music is shockingly bad at the moment.

    I’ll put an order in for this one. I do like The Foo’s.

  2. I’ve been debating about getting this album, as I love their first single – but am always wary that that ends up being the only good song.

    Good to hear the positive review.

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