So This Is How It Is

What we’ve got… here is… failure… to communicate.

Oh yes.

Well… Not failure, per se.



Maybe a bit of “Oh, Jebus Christo the XXX sumbitch that is xxxxx is gonna kill me.”

Probably that.

Otherwise, shit is pretty cool these days. XXXXXX totally HATES me but at the same time realizes that XXXXX fucking NEEDS me. This is sort of a cool place to be. And, well, you know, it’s only a fine line between love and hate so any minute I’m expecting a goddamn marriage proposal.

(No. Not really.  XXXXXX HATES me. HATES!!!)


I’m back in the groove armada (whatever that means) and will be posting more regularly.


Yes, I’ve said this before but for fuck’s sake I gotta do something that gets me out of this shit hole XXXXXXXXX I’m mud-stuck in (No. Doesn’t make sense to me either).

I guess the problem, overall, is that XXXXXXX probably XXXXXXX this but won’t admit it cuz I could TOTALLY FUCKING DESTROY XXXXXX should I so desire (I do… but I won’t… unless… well, bring it on XXXXXXXX.)

But XXXXXXX could TOTALLY destroy me as well. XXXXXX would just have to XXXXXX on my XXXXXXXX.


We’re at an impasse.

I’ll leave it at this: I hope XXXXXXX on XXXXXX’s XXXXX comes soon.

Then his XXXXXXXXXX will be true XXXXXXXX.

That is all.